Britannia 1oz Gold

Britannia 1oz Gold
Britannia 1oz Gold
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Technical data: Britannia 1oz Gold

Country of orgin:Great BritainFineness:31,10 g
Producer:Royal MintGross weight:34,05 g
Year of minting:diverseFineness:916,67 (bis 2012)
Production:since 1987 until nowDiameter:32,69 mm
Thickness:2,79 mm
State:bank accepted and betterEdge:ribbed
Denomination:100 GBP
Change of motive:ja, jedes ungerade Jahr
Capsule size:33 mm
Packaging:coin bag, Tube
Packaging II:For orders from 1 pieces, the coins are delivered in tubes.
Picture:The pictures are exemplary and can possibly differ from the original.