Divisible Bars - Breakable Gold Bars

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Apart from the "regular" gold bars, you may also purchase divisible gold bars, breakable gold bars or CombiBars, respectively directly at Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg. 

In these bars there are multiple small gold bars forming a larger unit. This saves space and if need be, one can easily separate smaller units. Concerning the pricing, these collective units are cheaper than the sparate purchase of the same number of gold bars. Depending on the manufacturer, the packaging and the removal of the single bars from the collective unit can differ greatly.

The classical divisible gold bars or breakable gold bars resp. consist of a minted gold plate with predetermined breaking points, in order for smaller units to be removed. You merely bend the part that is to be removed and the rest remains in one piece. The resemblance to a chocolate bar is uncanny!

Multidisc Heraeus 10 x 1g Gold barsOther manufacturers offer collective units of other sorts: e.g. as round discs (Heraeus Multidisc), out of which you can remove 1 g by turning the disk, or in form of a check card where you simply press the small gold bars out of - just like a tablet blister. 

These collevtive units are especially interesting for investors who wish to still have the option to "pay" with smaller gold units in case the currencies crash. One certainly hopes that this will never happen. However, if it is to happen, a for instance 50g gold bar in one piece is far too valuable to exchange it for e.g. food. With divisible, breakable gold bars or CombiBars, on the other hand, you would then have e.g. 50 x 1g of gold, more or less as pocket money for an emergency. However, should this scenario not arise, you may simply sell the complete divisible bar to e.g. Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg or any other gold merchant.

Siver coins also fulfill this function of "pocket money for the crash". The standard 1 oz silver coins or even smaller silver units are even better suited for the task of pocket money, due to their value density (currently!) being below that of a 1g gold bar. Thus, this silver is even smaller pocket money. Furthermore, many silver coins are by far better known than small gold bars, e.g. the old silver containing currencies, such as EUR- DM - Mark. This naturally increases the acceptance as a mean of exchange in case the currencies crash.

However, the amount of silver that can be purchased for the same price (effective: July 2017) is roughly 66 times heavier and 121 times more voluminous than the equal number of 1g gold bars in form of divisible bars or breakable bars, respectively.

In conclusion: divisible gold bars etc. are a perfect addition to the purchase of silver. In case of a crash, you have "light" and condensed  "pocket money". The purchase price of a divisible gold bar is lower than the equal weight in separate 1g bars. For investors who do not want to purchase silver it is more or less obligatory to add gold in form of divisible or breakable bars!

There is also the recycled divisible gold bar for the ecologically oriented investors. Whoever has the desire to not blend ethical and ecological aspects out when purchasing gold, may also directly purchase "green gold" at Edelmetalle direkt.