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Beside the standard coins from the 1 ounce range, Edelmetalle direkt offers you a wide range of common gold coins with other weights.

Smaller weight units below the standard size of 1 ounce are recommended as an admixture for the case that gold and silver become again a means of exchange accepted by all, at least temporary, because of the collapse of the paper currencies. In this case, both gold and silver would overall enormously gain purchase power, so that the standard size of 1 ounce could already be too recoverable for the small things of the everyday life. Therefore, we recommend as well the purchase of 'small gold' beside silver coins and gold coins from the 1 ounce range.

Larger units above 1 ounce bridge the gap to the more commonly traded bars of gold with 100g, 250g, or more. Additionally, an increase in value can be expected here, because those less commonly traded coins above 1 ounce have a specific collector's aspect, which will show to advantage especially when everything goes on 'normally', thus if the big collapse stays away.


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