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Edelmetallcharts for gold and silver
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Principally, one should make his purchase decision for gold and silver not primarily with the intent to realize a profit, but see the purchase more as a measure for asset protection. Cue: 'Greed eats mind!'.

Furthermore, we take the view that in widely manipulated markets, the chart technique, thus the interpretation of progressive graphs, only has a very restricted validity for future developments.

Nevertheless, the progressive charts of the rates and of the relations to one another are an interesting aspect for many investors for the valuation of the moment and of the chances-/risk-relation.

The more the consideration focusses on the long term, the more independent from short-term trends you will become. Those who want to speculate are in better hands with the day traders and paper derivatives on gold and silver. The purchase of physical goods implies a long-term asset protection and financial independence from the fiat monetary system.

We ourselves use one or two charts in our consultations. Therefore, we have collected the most important gold and silver diagrams (charts) and the updated daily rates on this site.


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Current spot prices for precious metals







Historical gold and silver rates

Goldkurs 24h Euro
Goldkurs 24h USD
Silberkurs 24h Euro
Silberkurs 24h USD
Goldkurs 1 Monat Euro
Goldkurs 1 Monat USD
Silberkurs 1 Monat Euro
Silberkurs 1 Monat USD
Goldkurs 1 Jahr Euro
Goldkurs 1 Jahr USD
Silberkurs 1 Jahr Euro
Silberkurs 1 Jahr USD
Goldkurs 5 Jahre Euro
Goldkurs 24h USD
Silberkurs 5 Jahre Euro
Silberkurs 5 Jahre USD
Goldkurs 10 Jahre
Goldkurs 10 Jahre USD
Silberkurs 10 Jahre Euro
Silberkurs 24h USD


Gold-Silber-Ratio 10 Jahre USD