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Edelmetalle direkt GmbH

Edelmetalle direkt GmbH is founded in spring 2009 and registered as a GmbH in the commercial register of Freiburg. One of the two founders is already active on the precious metal market since 2006. In the environment of the emerging financial and economic crisis, he realizes how important the possession of physical silver and gold is for the private asset protection. He develops several seminars about this group of themes and offers corresponding consultations on a fee basis. Furthermore, he supports private persons in terms of the purchase, the choice, the authentication, the storage, and other questions around precious metals - on a fee basis.

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Since the bankruptcy of Lehmann Brothers in 2008, the financial crisis becomes more and more obvious and the need for consultation and the requirement of asset protection increase steadily since then. After the suitable rooms in Poststraße 3 in Freiburg have been found, there is nothing in the way of the company foundation.

Today, Edelmetalle direkt GmbH is one of the most popular precious metal traders in the area of Freiburg and Southern Baden. Many customers from Freiburg, Lörrach, Offenburg, the Markgräfler Land region, the southern Black Forest, but also from Alsace, the Vosges mountains, and Northwest Switzerland use especially the opportunity of the discrete and anonymous over-the-counter transaction, where every customer can take away directly the goods purchased in return for his cash.

Our French customers also appreciate the opportunity of being able to sell their gold and silver to us without any deductions. You receive the purchase price optionally immediately in cash or by bank transfer and naturally in full and without any deductions. In France, banks and traders already have to keep a 12% of the purchase price and pay it over to the state.




Full service around the precious metals

The activities of Edelmetalle direkt GmbH are not only restricted on the sale and the purchase of gold and silver. Furthermore, we offer to and  develop together with our customers appropriate strategies for wealth preservation with gold and silver.

This starts with the individual consultation, extents to the proper communication and reprocessing of expert knowledge in the form of seminars and lectures and in the form of commented weblinks, and leads to the discrete and anonymous purchase of silver and gold, including the opportunity of authentication, and allows for the completely insured custody outside of the banking system, also anonymized if necessary.

After all, our customers are kept up to date with further information and there is the opportunity of an exchange of ideas at the Freiburg regular's table of crisis and chances. Confidence is good, own knowledge is better!




About the owners

Bernd Höppner is founder, owner, and CEO of Edelmetalle direkt GmbH. Since 1998, he advises on a fee basis especially private persons in matters of asset provision, old-age protection and construction financing. Since 2006, he offers information around the topics money - gold - silver - real estates - life/pension insurances in numerous lectures, seminars, and also in the info blog on the homepage of Edelmetalle direkt GmbH, always currently processed and commented with regard to the financial crisis.

In 2009, at the suggestion of seminar participants, Bernd Höppner founds the 'Freiburg regular's table of crisis and chances', a forum open to everybody which had take place for the 63. time in January 2019.