Original masterbox for Maple Leaf 1 oz silver coins
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The original producers often pack the investment coins minted by them in tubes of hard plastic (depending on the volume with e.g. 10, 15, 20 or 25 coins in it). The original tubes are then repacked in so-called 'masterboxes'. Those are precisely fitting and guarantee the ideal space utilization for the tubes stored in there.

The masterboxes for the Silver Maple Leaf contain 20 tubes for 25 x 1oz silver coins, the masterboxes for the American Silver Eagle contain 25 tubes for 20 x 1oz silver coins each. Both masterboxes are made of stable hard plastic and are also suitable for burying and/or piling.

The masterboxes for the Silver Vienna Philharmonic consist of stout cardboard and contain 25 tubes for 20 x 1oz silver coins each. One can easily pile those masterboxes, but should provide them with a waterproof protective cover before a possible burying.

All masterboxes from the original producers offered here are second-hand and show more or less clear signs of usage. All masterboxes are delivered empty, thus without content. If necessary, you can order the suitable tubes at the same time.


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