Cash Purchase of Gold and Silver in Freiburg



Immediate purchase of coins and bars

Purchase of coins and bars of gold and silver
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We are pleased to purchase your gold and silver in the form of coins and bars, usually faster and at better prices than with banks and saving banks. You can find the current purchase prices in the price lists of the respective article. For non-listed articles simply call us (contact) in order that we can state you the price. Listed articles in the same weight class with the same fine gold or fine silver content may give a first orientation.

Either you arrange an appointment and bring your precious metals directly to our office in Freiburg. After the authentication, you can immediately take the money along.

Or you offer us your coins and/or bars for sale through our online shop: sell gold and silver online to Edelmetalle direkt.




Authentication and valuation

The bars and coins offered to us are submitted to a multistate authentication. If the delivered goods are in a tradeable condition, you get the current purchase price paid out. For the sorts listed in the online shop, the current purchase price is always declared.

If required, we also purchase coins and bars that are currently not listed in the shop. Simply call us and enquire the price!




Fair purchase prices for your silver and gold in Freiburg
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Cash payment or bank transfer

You can choose, if you would like to have the money paid out immediately or if you prefere a bank transfer to your account. You receive the full price declared on the internet or the price agreed by telephone without any deductions!

Your advantages at a glance:
  • high purchase prices
  • cash purchase with immediate payout in Freiburg, Germany
  • optionally cash payment or bank transfer
  • direct and free authentication.




Cash purchase in Freiburg: how it works

  • date arrangement with our office in Freiburg
  • agreement by telephone about what you offer us in which quantity
  • possibly price setting by telephone**
  • free visual inspection and authentication
  • issue of the purchase invoice against presentation of an identity card or passport (unfortunately, we cannot make anonymous purchases)
  • payout of the full purchase price without any deductions, optionally in cash or by transfer to your account.




Purchase of medals, gold jewellery, rings, necklaces, old gold

We trade with coins and bars of gold and silver. This is the reason why we can refund a considerably higher purchase price here.
Jewellery, rings, necklaces, old gold, medals in return for cash
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Beside coins and bars, we also buy:
Also see the subpage gold purchase Freiburg.




Purchase through our online shop

Maybe, you would also like to sell us coins and bars through our online shop. You will find out how this works on an individual subpage: sell gold and silver online to Edelmetalle direkt.