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To secure wealth with gold and silver
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Most of the people purchase silver and gold, because they would like to keep at least a part of their savings 'on the safe side'. Silver and gold protect against loss of assets through inflation and/or currency reform.

The anonymous purchase of silver and gold and the storage outside of the banking system additionally protect against both the collapse of the bank and the automatic expropriation by the state. Cyprus sends its regards! However, neither on the internet nor with the bank nor with most of the trader colleagues you can obtain gold and silver anonymously over the counter!

Thus, those who are looking for securities in this sense also want to play safe with the choice of their partner regarding the precious metal purchase.

And this with good reason. On the one hand, unserious suppliers who go out touting for customers with apparent bargain prices bustle on the internet again and again. But one day, it is stated: there is nothing more to be done. The 'store' has become bankrupt! Those who still wait for the delivery of a gold or silver purchase already paid in advance at this point (advance payment is usual for the online purchase of precious metals!) will wait a longtime and probably get nothing.

On the other hand, there are recently more and more well done counterfeits of tungsten (link in German language), which cannot be detected easily even from experts.

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