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Edelmetalle direkt offers a wide range of the most important investment coins worldwide for purchase.

Naturally, you receive from us the low-priced classics, such as the South African Krugerrand, the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Austrian Vienna Philharmonic, the American Eagle and the Australian Kangaroo or Nugget.

Most of the times, the well-known, historical investment coins, which once have been in circulation as real money or have been provided as such, are also in stock: e.g. the Swiss Vreneli (20 CHF gold franks), the French 'Marianne' (20 FF), 20 gold mark from the empire ('Wilhelm II') and restrike mints of historical gold coins for investment purposes, such as the 4 ducat, 100 gold krone, 20 gold krone, 8 florin etc.

The range is completed with coins that have a certain collector's aspect, such as the last 1 DM gold coin, 100 EUR gold coins, 20 EUR gold coins, the Chinese Panda, but also special motives of e.g. the Howling Wolf or 1 ounce pieces of the Australian Lunar II series, such as the Horse.

Are you looking for a specific sort that is currently not listed? Call us or send us an e-mail then. We stock many articles that are not listed in the shop. Otherwise, we will obtain the desired sort as quickly as possible on the market for you.

The standard size of gold coins are the 1 oz pieces. 'Oz' means ounce, the traditional weight unit for precious metals in the Anglo-Saxon language area.

1 oz corresponds to 31,103 g of fine gold.

With regard to an aggravation of the financial and economic crisis, which is possible at every time, 1 oz coins form the basis of every precious metal investment.

Silver thereby is more suitable as 'small coins', gold for the larger purchases.

Converted to one gram, 1 ounce coins are cheaper than the smaller gold units. However, those who do not want to purchase any silver ounces should absolutely revert to coins with a lower weight. Naturally, everybody accepts well a 1 oz Krugerrand for payment in the in case of emergency. But can he also give change?

A 1 oz Krugerrand coin already costs more than 1,000 EUR today (as of October 2014). If such a scenario (currency crash) actually occurs , both the silver and the gold price will multiply. Related to the purchasing power of the 1 oz Krugerrand, this would mean that (in case of a doubling of the value) you effectively go shopping with the purchasing power of a 2,000 euro note. Who will be able to change?

Because of the defined sizes, gold ounces can be checked for authenticity also by laymen – by contrast to bars.
Their wide spread and their level of awareness increase the acceptance as alternative money.