Gold Coins below 1/4 Ounce

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Edelmetalle direkt offers a large variety of both standard coins in the range of 1 ounce and also smaller gold coins. Here you may find smaller gold coins with a troy weight below 1/4 oz of gold. For gold coins with a troy weight of 1/4 oz of gold up to almost 1 oz of gold please click here.

The higher the gold price climbs, the more important also very small units of gold become if you would like to leave open the option to use gold as an alternative means of exchange in case the euro crashes.

On this site, you may find the common small gold coins with a troy weight below 1/4 ounce of gold: The small units of the common coins from Canada and South Africa, such as the Krugerrand in form of  1/10 ounce, classics from Great Britain, e. g. the Full Sovereign with 7.32g of gold, the Germany-wide very popular 20 mark coins from the German Empire, such as Wilhelm II with 7.16g of fine gold, as well as 20 CHF "Vreneli" from Switzerland with 5.81g of fine gold, which is very popular in the southwest of Germany. By contrast, our French neighbours often prefer the 20 franc gold coins, such as Napoleon III or Marianne Coq with 5,81g of fine gold.


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Gold Coins below 1/4 Ounce