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To buy copper at Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg
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Purchase copper from Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg. We stock a selection of low-priced medals and coins of copper.

Choose e.g. the comfortable purchase from home through our 24h online purchase. Thereby, your choice is between the delivery by insured shipping, the collection by the customer in Freiburg, or the collection by the customer nationwide.

Otherwise, you can choose the direct cash sale: cash in return for goods. For this purpose, you simply arrange an appointment in our office in Freiburg. This is even possible anonymously up to an amount of 9,999 EUR per person. We have specifically specialized on this anonymous over-the-counter transaction and thereby offer a maximum of discretion.

Many customers from the area of Freiburg, Offenburg, Lörrach, Basel, Strasbourg, Mulhouse, the Black Forest, Southern Baden, Switzerland and Alsace appreciate the personal consultation, inform themselves in our lectures and seminars, and take advantage of the opportunity to create tailored strategies for wealth preservation with silver and gold.


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