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Here we offer silver coins from Germany, the Third Reich, the Weimar Republic or the German Empire, thus silver coins from Germany or its predecessor States.

The great advantage of the German silver coins in EUR or DM is the fact that they can be exchanged for "nomal" euro coins at any time and unlimited at the Deutsche Bundesbank. For 5 DM you receive 2.56 EUR, for 10 DM you receive 5.11 EUR. Therefore, you have in fact an implemented "stop loss": The value of the coin cannot drop below the official exchange rate, even if the silver price should decrease immensel. However, if the silver price climbs above the exchange rate, you may profit from the silver content of these coins. For instance, an "old" 5 DM coin - either in the form of a 5 DM commemorative coin or in the form of a 5 DM circulation coin - has a silver content of 7 grams. The 10 DM commemorative coins from 1970 - 1997 have a silver content of 9.69 grams, the 10 DM commemorative coins from 1998 - 2001 even have a silver content of 14.34 grams.

The commemorative coins in EUR issued by the Deutsche Bundesbank often also have a high silver content, e. g. the 10 EUR commemorative coins of the years 2002 - 2010 have a silver content of 16.65 grams. If the breakdown of the euro currency system arises, you simply have the silver in these euro coins as a coverage - contrarly to "normal" euro coins. If the silver price falls extremly, you have in any case the nominal value of the coin, thus 10 EUR or 20 EUR or 25 EUR.

A further advantage of the coins, that once were official means of payment (e. g. D-mark, reichsmark, mark) or that still are official means of payment nowadays (euro) is the fact that many people (still) know them and that many people still have one or another piece at home. This is not the case to this extent for standard coins from the silver range, such as the Vienna Philharmonic, the Maple Leaf or the Silver Eagle. If the euro collapses, many people will be insecure and will panic. If you then appear with "old" silver money as means of exchange, this silver money is rather likely to be accepted in the first place than the relatively unknown silver ounces. You rather trust something that you know. And you do not directly attract attention if you now pay with "old" silver-containing money or with well-known standard commemorative coins instead of brilliant new silver coins.

Additionally, this silver money also has a silver content considerably below 1 ounce (1 oz = 31,103g). If the silver price increases sharply, you then automatically have "small coins". For the smaller units of the standard coins below 1 ounce you often pay considerably more per gram of silver.

For those who also want to be prepared for this scenario, we recommend a certain amount of "old" money and silver-containing commemorative coins, even best in a "used look", thus with traces of usage and specifically not high-gloss as if they came straight out of a collector's album.

Particularly in regions close to the border or if you have relatives abroad, we suggest for the same reasons the addition of "old" money or silver-containing euro commemorative coins from these countries. Maybe this can be helpful if you want to buy/exchange something over there that is not (or no longer) available here if the euro crashes. Otherwise, the silver content stays in any case! We also offer "old" silver-containing coins from other countries, such as: 5 franc "semeuse" from France (1959 - 1969) with 10.02g of silver, 50 shilling Austria (1959 - 1973) with 18g of silver, 5 Swiss franc (1937 - 1967, 1969) with 12.5g of silver, 500 lire Italy (1958- 1979) with 9.185g of silver.

Please click here for the complete offer of the silver coins from Austria, Switzerland and France. For the "old" silver coins or silver money from the US, Italy and other countries click here.

If you have special wishes concerning the silver coins from Germany, the Third Reich, the Weimar Republic or the German Empire, please give us a call!


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Silver Coins EUR-DM-Mark