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Purchasing and selling gold and silver getting more and more difficult in Belgium? Solution: Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg!

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Do you live in Belgium? Do you live for example in one of the beautiful cities of Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Bruges or Namur?

Are you frustrated, too that it becomes more and more difficult to purchase gold and silver for cash in Belgium?

Also in Belgium, there are many good reasons to save at least a part of your savings, for example with a purchase of gold or silver.

The Euro-Crisis and the bank collaps also leave their marks on Belgium, be it in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Bruges or Namur. Wll the Euro still exist in a couple of years? Will the Belgian government too, be forced to rely on the savings ability of Belgians to save deadbeat banks? Will there also be a sharply rising inflation due to the excessive rescue attemps of the European Central Bank because more and more euro is "printed" via the electronic press and thrown on the market without any countervalue? 

Gold and silver were always there for citizens to protect their savings against inflation. Additionally, the anonymous purchase of gold and silver protects your cash from unwanted access: if it is nowhere registered that you, as Belgian citizen purchased gold, it is thus more difficult to take it away (at least parts of it).

In Germany, it is still legal (the question is: until when?) that you as Belgian citizen can purchase gold and silver in an anonymous "over the counter" transaction (money for goods). Simply come from Belgium to Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg, right after the French-German border and purchase gold coins, gold bars or silver for up to 9.999 EUR per person. For cash, completely anonymously.

It goes without saying that you receive an invoice with all the necessary information when you purchase gold in Freiburg: what, quantity, where, when and to what price it was purchased. The only thing missing is your Belgian address! This protects you, as Belgian citizen from undesired access to the purchased gold. completely legally.

You are allowed to legally cross the border with values up to 10.000 EUR without having to declare anything to customs within the Schengen area, that Belgium and Germany are naturally a part of. Thus, you can come with 1.999 EUR per person, if you carry it on your body, from Belgium to Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg to purchace gold and return home to Belgium with your newly aquired gold, without declaring anything traversing the border.

Protect your savings. Visit Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg to purchase gold and silver anonymously for cash if you come from Belgium.





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Belgium: Purchase Gold Anonymously at Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg

Edelmetalle direkt is a small, family owned company in the town Freiburg, in south western Germany, in the trialateral border Germany-Switzerland-France. Two of our four consultants speak French. All of us speak English and of course German. We offer our customers - if you have taken the rather long journey from Belgium to Freiburg -  maximum discretion when purchasing gold and silver. We therefore only serve one customer at a time. We advise to make an appointment if you come from Belgium to Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg when you purchase gold bars or silver. This helps to reduce unnecessary waiting times and we are immediately at your service when you come to us from Belgium to purchase gold or silver coins.

We do not answer phone calls during appointments - this way, neither of the customers can hear what we discuss with the other. That is the maximum of discretion we are talking about. Naturally, we call you right back as soon as the appointment is over. Therefore, please do not be surprised should nobody answer the telephone during opening hours when giving us, Edelmetalle direkt, a call from Belgium. You can safely assume that we are in a customer dialogue containing a personlal consultation.

It is roughly 550 km from Brussels to Freiburg. You can reach Freiburg in about five to six hours by car. It takes more or less the same amount of time by train to reach Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg if you start in Belgium. To reach the bureau of Edelmetalle direkt it only takes about three minutes by foot from Freiburg mainstation.

Freiburg is located at the foot of the Black Forest and offers a multitude of attractions such as the Freiburg Minster, the historic city center or the famous "Freiburger Bächle". You can enjoy the Baden cuisine and Baden wines that are spoiled by plenty of sunlight. Additionally, the volcanic Kaiserstuhl with its fruit and wine lies at the doorstep of Freiburg. Not to forget the Markgräflerland and the French Alsace that are both not far away.

As you can see, there are a many good reasons to travel from Belgium to Freiburg im Breisgau - not only the discrete and anonymous purchase of gold and silver!

Before you come from Belgium to Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg to purchase gold for cash, you can inform yourself at any given time about the newest offers and prices on our website. You may find the most important articles per category on the welcoming page e.g. in the category "silver coins 1 ounce" you can find the Canadian Maple Leaf or the Australian Kangoroo. Both coins are also purchased a lot by our Belgian customers. We naturally also offer gold coins such as the South African Krugerrand, the Canadian Maple Leaf or the golden French 20 Francs coin.

If you wish to see the full range of products of each category, simply click on the button "show more products" on the bottom left corner of each category.

Would you like to have more information about a specific article? Just click on the desired article and an own window with detailed information pops up. Here it is also stated how many pieces of the article are in stock and immediately available, that is to say the amount of articles you could theoretically speaking directly take with you to Belgium (e.g. 100g gold bar by Heraeus).

We are members of the professional organization of German numismatic retailers ("Berufsverband des Deutschen Münzfachhandels"). Apart from the feedback of our customers (see here: link), this is an additional evidence that we are a trustworthy shop. A membership in the professional organization requires that a retailer must have already been on the market for several years, that he can produce corresponding references, that there is no objection of another member and that you continously work in a reliable manner.

 We are happy to take our time for an extensive personal consulting if you come from Belgium - be it Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges or Liège - to Edelmetalle direkt at Freiburg to directly purchase your gold: However, before you take your newly purchased gold bars and gold coins that you paid cash for back to Belgium, we test the authentication together. We use different instruments by the company AuroTest. These instruments recognize forged goods immediately and make it easy to distinguish. Trust is pre condition, knowledge is better. We bet on it!

As a small family business, we can and want to adjust us flexibly to the desires of our cusomers. This is exactly what banks or much larger companies are rather unable to do with their standardized processes.


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Belgium: Exchange Gold Directely for Cash at Edelmetalle direkt

Have you recently tried to exchange gold for cash in Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges or another places in Belgium? Have you tried to sell silver for cash in Belgium? It gets more complicated everytime and is almost impossible. In the neighboring country of Belgium - France - it is even worse.

It is quite common that instead of receiving cash, they transfer the purchasing price to your bank account. And not even all of it: merchants are forced to keep back taxes and are forced to pay it to the state.

You can sell gold and silver for cash as Belgian citizen at Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg. We immediately pay in cash for your gold bars, gold coins, silver bars and silver coins. Additionally, you receive the whole price - no deduction of taxes or fees. This is yet allowed in Germany. You can see the purchase price - the amount of money we offer if you come from Belgium and sell us your gold or silver - on our website in advance (left column of the pricing chart "Purchase"). The prices are refreshed every 5 minutes. Or you write us an email or give us a call. You receive the full sum without any deductions! Alternatively, we can transfer the money to your bank account - again witout deductions (except if there are transfer fees of the bank).

The same applies to the exchange of gold jewellery, silver medals, dental gold or old gold. If you as Belgian citizen
  • do not wish a deduction of taxes and fees,

  • prefer to exchange your gold and silver for cash instead of a bank transfer,

you may come from Belgium to Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg.


Your advantages when you come from Belgium and exchange your gold for cash at Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg:
  • Price transparency: The percentage of the precious metal is the decisive factor. The purchase price (if you sell to us) as well as the sale price (if we sell to you) change according to the market movements on the large, worldwide emporia for gold and silver. Thus, the prices on our website change every 5 minutes. You can find the current prices for the most common gold and silver coins and bars here.
  • Should you, coming from Brussels or other cities from Belgium, look for a specific coin, bar or divisible bar / breakable bar and cannot find it on our website, you can usually orientate at comparable coins or bars (similar weight). Naturally, you can also give us a call from Belgium and ask for the specific price. You can also write us an email from Belgium to ask for the current prices of your gold or silver.

    Old gold and gold or silver coins and bars that are no longer fit for trading are molten down. You then receive the melting price. You may find the melting price for jewellery under the last subitem "Current Purchase Prices" in the section "Gold Purchase Freiburg". 

    Old bars and coins with a high gold finess are recompensated better: at least 95,5% of the spot price.

    Goods that we are unable to test on the spot are submitted to be externally inspected in detail, for example: dental gold or jewellery without an assaying. The detailed analytical result is available after one to two weeks. You receive the analytical result as well as 80% of the sum we ourselves have received. You may then decide how you would rather receive the amount. We can either pay it in cash when you come to Freiburg or transfer it to your Belgian bank account.

    Conclusion: You know exactly what you receive when you come from Belgium to Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg to exchange your gold for cash or sell your gold or silver to us.

  • Immediate cashout: Immediate withdrawal of cash for the exchange of gold / silver for cash.  You come from Belgium, sell us your gold or silver coins and bars or your old jewellery and immediately take the money in cash back to Belgium. Or - if you want - we will transfer the amount to your bank account.
  • No deductions, no taxes, no fees: You always receive the full purchase price if you come from Belgium to sell your gold bars or gold coins to Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg. Without any deductions, whatsoever. In contrast to France, there are (as of yet!) no taxes or municipal taxes risen. It is common that French merchants and banks pay 8 - 12% less and pay it to the state or municipal.

    Example: You are from Belgium. Instead of selling your 1 kg gold bar in France, you sell it in Freiburg to Edelmetalle direkt. We are now assuming that the gold bar has a value of 40.000 EUR. With an imposed tax of 10% you would receive only 36.000 EUR in France. You thus receive a total of 4.000 EUR more than in France at Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg if you sell a 1 kg gold bar. So it is safe to say that it is quite profitable to come from Belgium to Freibur to Edelmetalle direkt for selling your gold bar.


2x 250g gold bars by Argor Heraeus
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Example: This is what you, coming from Belgium, receive if you sell a 1kg gold bar to us

You come from Brussels, Gents, Antwerp, 
Bruges or another Belgian town and wish to sell a 1kg gold bar.
We differentiate between 2 cases:

1st case: Modern bars in merchantable condition for reselling.

2nd case: Older bars or bars with scratches / damaged bars as melting goods.



1st case - Modern bars in merchantable condition for reselling:
  1. These bars are from a producer that is certified by the strict criteria of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). For example the producers Argor, Heraeus, Umicore, Argor, Degussa, Valcambi, Mendisio, PAMP SA, Castel San Pietr, Balena, Cendres + Métaux SA, Biel-Bienne, PX Précinox, La Chaux-de-Fonds. There are more than this!
  2. All merchantable gold bars must have a fineness of at least 999 / 1000.
  3. All merchantable bars must be visually undamaged (no scratches, no spots).


2nd case - Older bars or bars with scratches / damaged bars as melting goods:
  1. All bars that do not completely fulfill the criteria for modern bars in merchantable condition for reselling, according to the 1st case, are taken out of the market and molten down. Therefore the purchase price is lower.


Price calculation for 1 x 1kg gold bar in merchantable condition for reselling (1st case):

Here you may find the current purchase price for a 1 kg gold bar in merchantable condition in accordance to the 1st case: Link.


Price calculation for 1 x 1 kg older gold bars / bars with scratches / damaged bars as melting goods (2nd case)

We pay 95,5% of the spot price for pure gold. We can calculate the number of gramms gold are in your bar by the weight and the fineness of the it. Let's assume the scale displays a weight of 1000 g and the fineness is 996 / 1000. We then have  1000 g x 0,996 = 996,00 g of pure gold.

current spot price for 1 gramm of gold:                                                                     69,81 EUR


current spot price for 1 gramm of gold for older bars/
bars with scratches (melting goods) (95,5% of the spot price):                                 66,67 EUR


current price for 996,00 g gold (fineness 996 / 1000):                                               66.401,88 EUR

Thus you receive 66.401,88 EUR.

The example demonstrates that the trip from Brussels or other Belgian cities is quite profitable to sell gold and silver at Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg.






Different options: purchase gold in Belgium and sell gold to Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg


  1. Anonymously, maximum discretion, personal, cash for goods: Should you choose this option, you best make an appointment in advance before coming for the gold purchase from Belgium to Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg. This way we can be available only for you when you come from Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Liège, Gents or another Belgian town to us to purchase your gold. We gladly take our time for each customer: 1 customer, 1 appointment. We are exclusively available for you. No other customer joins us in the bureau. Neither do we answer the phone: we offer you, coming from Belgium, a maximum of discretion and the best personal consulting we can muster. When you have the appointment for a purchase of gold or silver, you simply choose the desired coin or bar in the desired quantity. You then pay the gold coins and silver bars cash and receive your (anonymous) receipt (up to 1.999 EUR per person) and head back to Belgium. Naturally, we authenticate your newly aquired gold bars and gold coins befor you head back to Belgium.


  2. Maximum of discretion, no time lost, for the well informed: Of course, you can inform yourself in advance still from Belgium by accessing our homepage (24h online-shop) and checking the offers on gold and silver coins and bars. There, you can find apart from the current prices, the number of pieces we have in stock, as well as additional information all around the topics of money - gold - crisis. An example is our anonymous "storage-service".

    You are happy to choose the desired articles at home in Belgium on our website and pre-order the goods via telephone. At the same time, please, make an appointment. That way, the precious metals you newly ordered from Belgium are already commissioned when you come from Belgium to pick up your ordered gold and silver (free of charge pick up) at Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg. You can then pay up to almost 2.000 EUR in cash and take your, authenticated precious metals with you back to Belgium. The receipt reads everything, apart from your name: Cash in return for goods. Thus, there are no data traces if you come from Belgium to Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg. By good preparation, as well as an appointment, you do not lose any time when purchasing gold at Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg, when you come from Belgium.


  3. If you wish it comfortable and secure: The trip from Belgium to Freiburg is too far for you? However, you would still like to make use of our offers and purchase gold and silver at Edelmetalle direkt? Then it is quite simple: just choose your desired gold and silver coins andbars in our 24h online-shop - it also works if you are in Belgium. You then order the gold coins and gold bars in our online-shop. The first email you receive is the order confirmation and the second mail includes the receipt. The receipt can be payed comfortably online from Belgium by a simple bank transfer to Edelmetalle direkt - or by the classical bank transfer. Immediately after we receive the payment, we send you another email before we submit your purchased precious metals to the post within a certain period of time that is stated in the shop. The shipping to Belgium is naturally completely insured. You also receive one last email containing the tracking number. This way, you can comfortably track your parcel online from Belgium, until the gold and silver you purchased has safely arrived at your place in Belgium.