Why buy platinum and palladium

Here, we give good reasons for the purchase of platinum and palladium. Best anonymously over the counter from Edelmetalle direkt in Freiburg.
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Platinum and palladium are excellently suited for all those investors who already dispose of a widespread basis of gold and silver.

Exactly like gold and silver, platinum and palladium are naturally rare and not arbitrarily recoverable or producible. Therefore, they are also suited as a value storage for your savings.

However, only gold and silver have the monetary character, thus are applicable worldwide as a means of exchange and payment. Thus, platinum and palladium are pure industrial metals and are often confound with the less expensive silver by laymen. For the resale, you are therefore more reliant on experts or advanced laymen than for the resale of gold and silver.

For this reason, we only have a limited range of platinum and palladium. However, we are pleased to offer you further sorts and sizes at short notice on request. Simply ask!

An additional investment in platinum and palladium offers additional chances, because both metals are needed in important industrial sectors. If the demand for gold and silver stagnates, platinum and palladium could still improve partly. And vice versa.

Thus, the prices for platinum and palladium have increased more in percentage terms in the last 3 years than the prices of gold and silver.


Statutory taxation

Platinum and palladium are principally classified as industry metals and are therefore subject to the full value added tax rate of 19%. Exceptions: if a trader purchases platinum or palladium from a private person and resells exactly those pieces, he can apply the differential taxation according to §25a of the German Value Added Tax Act (UStG). Here, only the profit, thus the dealer mark-up, is taxed with 19%; however, the value added tax included in the final price must not be accounted.

For commercial customers, who are entitled for input tax deduction, the statutory taxation with accounted value added tax is therefore the more favourable choice.

This information should be seen as a guideline and does not replace a tax advice. For detailed questions, please turn to you tax advisor.

For further information about the precious metal purchase we are at your full disposal both by telephone and in direct conversation.

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